• Be on time! Arrive 10-15 minutes before your designated time.
  • Check-in and get your assignment for the day.
  • Dress appropriately for the job you will be doing. Wear comfortable shoes close-toed shoes are recommended you may be standing and/or walking for lengthy periods of time.
  • Be alert and actively engaged in your task while you are volunteering.

If you have signed up to volunteer and are unable to make it, please email us at littlechicagovolunteers@gmail.com as soon as you are aware. Little Chicago Downtown Music & Arts Festival agrees to provide adequate information and assistance for the volunteer to be able to meet his/her designated requirements.

As a volunteer, I agree:

  • To adhere to the festival rules and procedures.
  • To meet the time and duty commitments scheduled by the coordinator.
  • To report to the volunteer coordinator for assigned shifts and completed shifts.
  • To wear my festival t-shirt and/or nametag while on shift, representing the festival, and take off t-shirt when no longer working.
  • To behave in a friendly and courteous manner when dealing with the public and other volunteers.
  • To not engage in alcohol or drug use before or during a shift.
  • Not to hold the festival or any of its representatives liable for any loss or damage to my person or injury to my property that may occur during festival activities.
  • To be aware that any violations of rules, written or oral may result in termination of my volunteer duties and possible consequences.

Information Booth

For those who may love to talk and interact with others, the Information Booth is a great place to
be. Volunteers in this area will answer questions on the Festival and assist visitors with directions and schedule information. All of the needed information is provided to the volunteers.
Volunteers must be patient, kind, helpful, honest and have a cheerful attitude with our visitors. Information about the festival may also be distributed from this site. Volunteers may sit at the booth and no lifting or physical activity is required. The hours of the Information Booth are scheduled in four-hour blocks, and the Information Booth is open during Festival hours. Festival merchandise may be sold from these booths as well. Responsibility of collecting monies for these items will be discussed with you upon check-in.


If it were not for the hard work of our set-up crews, the Festival would not be possible! The set-up volunteers assist with everything from placing tents, tables and chairs to helping with stage and entertainment prep. These volunteers should be in good physical condition and able to lift 10-20 pounds. Set-up will begin Thursday evening through Friday morning.

Family Fun Zone

One of the elements that make Little Chicago Downtown Music Festival so fabulous is the Family Fun Zone. This area is full of dedicated individuals who not only love the festival, but love children. Volunteers have the opportunity to help children of all ages on inflatables, interactive games and assist children’s entertainers when necessary.

Performance VIP Area

Volunteers must be able to lift 10-20 lbs. and will be manning the tents located behind the entertainment stages.

Festival Runners

Volunteers are needed to assist with general tasks that are needed throughout the festival.

Parking Monitors

These volunteers will be standing/sitting for long periods of time at the entrances of the Downtown Parking Square and will be responsible for allowing only designated vehicles within this space.  This area will be for handicap visitors and merchant vendor parking only.


Cleanup is a major part that ensures our festival will be responsible and respected for coming years. The cleanup volunteers will assist with everything from tearing down tents, tables and chairs to street cleanup and helping with stage and entertainment breakdown if needed. These volunteers should be in good physical condition and able to lift 10-20 pounds. Cleanup will begin Saturday evening through Sunday early morning.

We rely on the support of our volunteers to promote an atmosphere for a safe and enjoyable experience. For those who are working for community hours and need to earn credit for their service, let us know, and we will accommodate you by giving you a letter of the hours you worked or completing forms you may already have.

Thank you in advance for your service.


Volunteer Sign-Up Form